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We Are Diverse

We believe that having a diverse team with a wide variety of backgrounds, degrees, and skillsets makes each of us better and our team stronger.  We know we must be as diverse as the customers we serve to meet our full potential.

We Are Resourceful

No matter someone’s education level or their business experience, we provide training to meet our newest team members where they are at to have them quickly performing at a high level.

We Are Ambitious

We have lofty goals and we encourage our team to share their goals with us.  Together we incorporate our team members goals with our organizations to inspire each team member and the company to hit our goals together!


What to expect

Preliminary Interview

For candidates that we determine are possibly the best fit for the position, we bring them back for second round interview which is much more in depth.  On this interview we explain compensation, advancement, typical work week and we show that individual exactly what an Account Manager does on a daily basis. This interview is via Zoom and lasts up to 45 minutes.

Second Interview

As a follow up to the preliminary interview we have a second interview, which consists of a 10 minute Zoom call with management and an offer is made if we see fit.


If hired, we begin the on-boarding process.

What We Do!

Since Blue Chip Endeavors founding in 2012, we have been outsourced by the nation’s largest telecommunications company to represent their products within retail stores.  Our team is professionally trained in the areas of sales, marketing, and customer service to personally manage our client’s newest customers.  Cellular, internet, and television services are among the expanding number of products we specialize in representing.

As someone grows with us, we will additionally train them in each area of our business including human resources, business management, leadership, and finance.

What Someone Can Expect!

  • Full Paid Training

  • Hourly Base Pay, Commissions, and Bonuses

  • Travel Opportunities (optional)

  • Part-Time Roles

  • Paid Internship Opportunities

  • And more...

Open positions:

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What People Said!

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Personal & Professional Development

We Created it With Love
We have a system that allows each team member to be trained to the best of their ability.  If that means they learn hands on, we offer that.  If time in a classroom setting is what you need….we’ve got it!  We teach all aspects of business including, but not limited to, sales, marketing, finances, talent scouting, advertising, and more.

Travel & Networking

Pack your bags!
Travel is an important part of our business.  This allows us to network with top performers, see other locations, visit our client broker, and learn from others.  We have the opportunity to travel several times throughout the year, but we are definitely hitting the road quarterly.


Need an answer? We've got it!
Blue Chip Endeavors wants you to succeed.  Therefore, we have resources for everything.  If you don’t know the answer, we have someone that does and we are more than willing to point you in the right direction.  It’s not often you find a sales position that is a people helping people position, but as our motto goes, we put our people first!  They are the reason for our successes year after year.

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